Shiou Toun (hakukaen) wrote in fydynasty,
Shiou Toun


The bright rays of the morning sun warmed her face as it filtered through the thin curtain of soft silken fuschia. It had been a pleasing touch at first, soft and gently caressing her porcelain features until it became brighter and lit her eyes to see scarlet. It was then that she brought herself to sit upright in the bed, yawned widely covering her mouth half-heartedly and blinked amethyst orbs to the feeble shine slowly gaining strength.

For a moment her pale rose lips curved to a smile at the fantastic view of the borders of Konan outside her circular window. The mountains rolled off to unseen distances this direction and at this time of the year was covered in vibrant verdant meadows springing forth speckles of assorted colors. The breeze brought in their fragrance through the open window and fluttering curtain filling the small room with its perfume.


((Sorry for the delay, I'll post a little more when I have time. Must go sleepy now ^.^))
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