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nuriko's morning

((hmm, nuriko died. i guess i'll have to make him reincarnated!!! also, can i be suboshi? i really like him!!! please?))

((oh! profile!
Name: Ryoushin, or Nuriko. I'll come up with a last name later.
Age: 16
Height: 5'5, or 166, or whatever Nuriko's height was.
Physical features: Short purple hair, hazel eyes, mole under left eye, femine features, etc. so he's just like Nuriko
Power: strengh
Family: Mother, Father, older Brother, younger Sister
I think that's it. If anyone read my origanal profile, ignore it, k?))

"Onii-chan!!! Wake up!!! Tou-san's gonna get mad if you don't wake up really soon!" cried out the most annoying voice one could hear in the morning- my baby sister Sachi ((meaning happiness)). Her favorite thing to do, at least i think- is to wake me up in the morning. I groaned, and lugged my legs out of bed, and rubbed my eyes with my left hand, while supporting myself on my right. However, I didn't stay upright for long.

"Onii-chan! Let's go!" Sachi cried as she pulled my right arm, making me fall onto my bed. She laughed, which caused my mother to run into the room, just to see what all the noise and laughing was about. She came in, and laughed too, seeing my falt on my back, and Sachi on top of me, hysterical.

"Sachi, why don't you go down to the river and get us some water," my mother suggested. Sachi got off immediatly, and ran out of my room, only stopping to grab the bucket. Her legs swiftly carried her out the door, and she seemed to fly by my window. "Now Ryoushin ((meaning good mind)), I got your sister out of here. Get dressed and you can have breakfast before working on the crops." She then left, pulling the measly cloth that separated my room from the rest of the small house.

I sighed, and pulled off my shirt, aiming to change it, when, just as quick as a flash, a red symbol lit up upon my chest. Although it's time on me was short, I knew what the symbol was: willow. It's presence was just like the mole that was under my left eye. I didn't burn, but it's elumination was bright, yet not blinding. I stared at the spot just above my heart for a second longer, and pulled on the shirt I carelessly threw over the side of my bed only a few nights ago. I quickly changed my pants, and pulled over my head a navy top. I pulled my fingers through my short purple hair, and tied it back simply, sighing.

I yawned deeply, stared out my window for a bit, and saw my sister carefull carrying the bucket, not filled to capacity with water. I smirked, and watched her carry it, her long purple hair, the same shade as mine, swing. I smiled, and, just like the symbol upon my chest, I saw a girl, maybe the same age as Sachi, smiling and running, yelling all the while, "Nii-sama!" I blinked, and steped back, but caused the image to disappear. The girl looked just like that girl from my dream last night. Weird, almost too weird.

"Ryoushin! You're going to miss breakfast!" my mother yelled. I sighed, and walked to the kitchen, trying to forget the images from earlier. I couldn't though- it was as if they were deja vu. Strange.

that's it for now. ja ne!!!
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