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christs child


hi so if you haven't noticed i'm new to this community. I really love fushigi yugi. It was the first series i really got into. so yeah. my favorite anime/manga is fushigi yugi, angel sanctuary, cheeky angel, fruits basket, fake and i like a lot more. So, the anime that started my whole manga/anime japanese in general obsession was Sailor Moon, i got into that when i was in second grade. Then i just started watching that for a while, until it went off the air. lets see, for a while i read nothing but online comics (directions of destiny and arcana are highly recomended) then a friend lent me Helsing. and well the rest is history, my interest was renewed. and i started reading fushigi yugi and then my other manga interest are all in my user profile. umm, i have a community on livejournal. it's called boring_fanfix. just a place you can go and add on to people's fanfictions or start your own. It's ok, i'm like the only member so please go join! umm, so yeah that's some stuff about me.

*last thought, my icon i got from brainfuneral!
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