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Looking for Fushigi Yugi Characters!

Do you like to roleplay? Are you interested in roleplaying a character from Fushigi Yugi? Perhaps you've always wanted to be able to have the freedom to have your character ICly pair up, or not pair up, as they chose, instead of being forced into the stigma of the typical Fushigi Yugi rpg?

Perhaps you simply want to have fun with the characters in an entirely new setting that, at the same time, does NOT alter the canon events of the story?

Whether the character is good, bad, or dead, Chaos Unraveled is a roleplaying game that's interested. Why not take a peek?

We're sorely in need of antagonists at the moment, but we'd love any type of characters.

The Ultimate Chessboard: Chaos Unraveled

Come take part in the eternal struggle.
The Ultimate Chessboard: Chaos Unraveled
Setting Description//Rules//Taken Characters//Character Submission//OOC Community
RP BEGINS April 28th, 2008
But newcomers are always welcome after that date! People who want to join afterwards and are afraid of being overwhelmed and not knowing what's going on - one, that's perfectly fine, since no one's expecting your character to, and two, the moderator will explain the plot up to that point for you if you ask! - don't worry!
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I really would love to be a part of a FY RPG, but I'm not sure about it being still working.
If it is, please let me know how I can be a part of it.
It's still active. It's not a typical FY RPG, though, which might cause you to lose interest.

It has characters from several different anime/shows/etc. in it, but we'd love some FY characters. =3

The links on there should still work - except for the Taken Character List (but no one's applied for any FY characters so they're entirely free)

Just check out the links to see the premise of the game, and click the "character submission" link to see how to apply. The reason for the application process is so that I can make sure the people wanting to apply can write in paragraphs, know the character they're going to write, etc. ^_~

I can explain more if you're uncertain or confused. =3



March 7 2009, 11:48:31 UTC 7 years ago

I want to dub as miyaka and yui.